Mid-term review for ComFuturo held with the Research Executive Agency

On the 8th of March 2024, the third edition of ComFuturo, a Marie Skłodowska-Curie COFUND project managed by Fundación General CSIC (FGCSIC) aimed at fostering research excellence and innovation, held its Mid-term Review Meeting to assess the progress achieved so far and address any challenges encountered, ensuring a smooth continuation of the project’s objectives until its completion in 2026.

Isabella Saini, the project officer at the Research Executive Agency (REA), visited the FGCSIC offices in Madrid, offering insights and guidance crucial for the project’s trajectory. The ComFuturo team was presented, which includes members from both the project’s management board and the supervisory board, demonstrating a collaborative effort towards the project’s success.

During the meeting, the project coordinator delivered a comprehensive overview of the third edition of ComFuturo, outlining key milestones achieved since its launching in January 2022 and highlighting progress across various work packages. Additionally, a dedicated session featured presentations from the recruited researchers, who showcased their individual projects and shared reflections on the potential impact of ComFuturo on their career trajectories.

The Mid-term Review Meeting served not only as a platform for constructive dialogue among the different parts involved in the project but also as a valuable source of feedback, enabling adjustments to optimize project performance moving forward.

ComFuturo remains committed to fostering international collaboration, interdisciplinary research, and innovation, with a focus on societal impact and the career development of researchers.

Further details about the initiative and its fellows can be found on this website, www.comfuturo.es, reflecting its dedication to transparency and dissemination of outcomes.