Shelf Life by FTIR: Rapid determination of the shelf life of fatty foods in liquid form

Noelia Tena Pajuelo graduated with a degree in Chemical Sciences from the University of Seville in 2005. Master in High Specialisation in Fats in 2006. PhD in Chemistry from the University of Seville in 2010 (with an extraordinary prize and European doctorate). During her doctoral thesis, she made two stays in European research centres of recognised prestige (IRMM- Joint Research Centre- European Commission and Wageningen University- Rikilt). After obtaining her PhD degree, she obtained a three-year post-doctoral contract through a European-wide competitive selection process at the Institute for Reference Materials and Measurements IRMM-JRC-EC. Researcher ComFuturo (I edition) at the Institute of Fats of the CSIC, where she developed her project “Rapid determination of the shelf life of fatty foods in liquid form“.

Project Summary

At present, the determination of the shelf life of fatty foods is based on accelerated oxidation methods. The main problem with this method is extrapolating the results to real conditions of deterioration which, in the case of olive oil, is due to the lack of accuracy in predicting the preferred consumption date, which has generated numerous problems. There have been cases in which an oil bottled with an extra virgin category has been evaluated after a certain period of time with a lower category without having exceeded the preferred consumption date indicated on the label. The lack of accuracy in predicting the shelf life of oil has awakened mistrust in the consumer, and in the businessman, the need to demand new ways of establishing the shelf life of oil without losing product quality during that time.

This project aims to respond to this demand, using a new “Mesh cell” analysis strategy within medium infrared spectroscopy. These cells offer the possibility of exposing the oil to a surface/volume ratio that will allow the oil to oxidise by contact with oxygen under less accelerated conditions than in the case of Rancimat. The oil will remain in the “Mesh cell” for a predetermined time, during which spectra will be recorded after specific time intervals. The spectral information obtained will provide information on the evolution of different chemical compounds related to oil quality (hydroperoxides, trans double bonds, etc.) over time. Statistical analysis will allow the development of a model capable of predicting the useful life of the oil according to its initial spectrum and based on the kinetics of degradation or formation of the chemical compounds mentioned above. Another model will predict the final concentration of trans isomers at the end of the oil’s useful life.


It studies the changes that oil undergoes in the conditions in which it is usually stored. The information obtained will be used to create a mathematical model to predict the oil’s shelf life, something that is increasingly necessary to ensure that its optimal nutritional and sensory properties reach the consumer. In the Spanish food industry, virgin olive oil is a strategic sector that benefits greatly from improvements in quality control, which have a clear economic impact.

Scientific production derived from the ComFuturo Project

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